Quality Housewares, Home Accessories and more!

Quality Housewares, Home Accessories and more!

Quality Housewares, Home Accessories and more!Quality Housewares, Home Accessories and more!Quality Housewares, Home Accessories and more!

Our Story

The Founder


I'm Ana Eguia.  I'm the founder and the woman behind LEBENSSTIL®.  I have been interested in high-quality brands of housewares and home accessories for a long time. Living in Germany for a decade and travelling alone opened doors of opportunities and see other things in a different perspective. I've learned a great deal to follow my passions and really go after what my heart desires no matter what it takes and whatever risk there is. 

Quality products are the core of our existence and we will keep on sharing the importance and value to your homes. 

"Lebensstil" is lifestyle in German


The founder per­so­nal­ly hand-picked  all products in Germany and some are locally made.  She is dri­ven by the de­si­re to help others crea­te a ba­lan­ced and he­al­thy li­festy­le and a clean and or­ga­ni­zed home.  

The value of home dining and cooking


The product mix in­clu­des eclec­tic items you can use to ce­le­bra­te mi­le­sto­nes with fa­mi­ly, fri­ends, and col­lea­gues wi­thin the con­fi­nes and in the com­fort of your home.

The Boardroom & Badass Team

Atty. Rolando S. Laurito, Jr, Chairman


Atty. Rolando S. Laurito, Jr. completed his BS Legal Management in 1994 and Juris Doctordegree in 1998, both at the Ateneo de Manila University. He took and passed the Philippine Bar Exams in 1998. He started his career with the law firm of Ponce Enrile Reyes & Manalastas where he primarily handled corporate and tax laws. He thereafter worked as in-house counsel for several export-oriented conglomerates before embarking on his solo practice.

Ana Eguia, President


Ana Eguia has over 10 years of professional experience with a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company.  Her work experiences span on client team services and foreign assignments.  She is exposed in a multicultural environment in a corporate setting.  She lived in  Düsseldorf, Germany since 2007.  She returned to Manila, Philippines in 2017 to kick-off her first company. She is the founder, CEO and designer of LEBENSSTIL®. She is very independent and finds travelling alone a learning and discovering new perspectives about life.

Racel Samson, Vice President


Racel Samson is backed by more than 20 years of experience in IT Infrastructure mainly in the insurance and banking industry. Her demanding job as IT manager of one of the top 10 banks in the Philippines is never a hindrance to be a good wife and a loving mother of 2 boys.  Family is her top priority. She makes sure a quality time is well-spent on weekends and holidays. She loves taking long drives with them. She is ecstatically happy and proud of Gabe, her eldest son's passion for cooking. He is into the art of manliness cooking steak.

Marjo Importante-Doble, Corporate Secretary/Treasurer


Marjo Doble is an Associate Manager with expertise on project management & logistics. She has been with a multi-national management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company for over 20 years. She has B. S. in Mathematics from St. Paul Unversity. She loves travelling and fulfilled one of her dreams of living in Sydney, Australia and worked in a hotel at Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, California, U.SA. She came back in the Philippines, and since then she keeps the passion alive by learning the curves of entrepreneurship.

the creative and mover

LEBENSSTIL® did it first!


We designed few of the local products:  the wooden spoon rest,  capiz  chandelier and the tote. The reuseable bags all started with the heartfelt desire to encourage people to care more for the environment. The bag strongly supports the worldwide issue against one-time use plastics!  We reached out to DTI for assistance. The 3 unique designs: Manila Bay Sunset, Google Rizal Park and Biggs Goa are currently on display at the Go Lokal! concept store at DTI Makati.

Design to be eco-caring


Sturdy, functional and stylish to take anywhere, anytime!

Quality is important!


Be a unique, trendy and  high-quality gusset poly canvas tote or an  elegant  chandelier made of capiz, quality is utmost of importance. Created by Filipino artist and proudly call our own.